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Reseller Agreement With SatVu

Reseller Agreement With SatVu

INDYWARE has signed a reseller agreement with SatVu in the UK which provides customers with the data of high resolution IR satellite, HotSat-1.


In June 2023, SatVu has successfully launched the satellite HotSat-1, which is the first satellite of 8 satellite constellation to be launched by 2025. HotSat-1 has MWIR(Mid Wave InfraRed) thermal imager similar to the IR sensor of KOMPSAT-3A, and it can measure the surface temperature with a spatial resolution of 3.5m (@nadir) at day and night. SatVu will officially start to release commercial data from early November this year.

INDYWARE will provide SatVu’s valuable and unique HotSat-1 satellite imagery and insights to the Korean customers.


INDYWARE is a company specializing in geointelligence. We have been in related business for more than 20 years and have introduced geointelligence technologies such as satellites, geospatial data, data application solutions, and technical training to various customers in Korea.



SatVu is a company that provides high resolution thermal data from space.

It will be able to monitor the temperature of any building on the planet in near real-time using a new mid-wave infrared camera. These images will provide valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and disaster response, monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings, the spread of wildfires, the urban heat island effect, and water pollution. SatVu aims to be the Earth’s thermometer from space.

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