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INDYWARE provides Geointelligence

Software and Satellite imagery 




CATALYST Professional

Earth observation image processing desktop software

CATALYST Professional is the world’s leading geospatial desktop suite, specializing in Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry & Earth Observation Science for optical, and SAR imagery. Easily integrate the powerful image analysis, ortho-mosaicking, and image processing capabilities into your geospatial technology stack.

PCI Geomatics (CANADA)

​CATALYST Enterprise

Scalable production system for repeatable 
earth ob
servation image processing workflows 
of any size

CATALYST Enterprise is the premier Earth observation image processing production system. Designed to optimize and automate image processing pipelines of any size, as an end-to-end or integrated solution. Scale our ortho-mosaicking and value-added workflows across your cores and servers or on the cloud to meet your real-time production demands.

PCI Geomatics (CANADA)

CATALYST orthorectification.jpg

Terra Tools

Terra Tools

Military simulation and training virtual terrain generation software


TerraTools rapidly constructs high-fidelity correlated environments from a variety of input GIS data, imagery, and 3D models for visual, constructive, and serious game simulation. Specializing in rapid and automated terrain construction, the TerraTools project flow graph allows you to compile and publish correlated terrain for use across many third-party runtimes.


Bohemia Interactive Simulations (US)



SpacEyes3D Builder

SpacEyes3D Builder allows you to visualize all your cartographic data in 3D. A perfect complement to your GIS software, SpacEyes3D Builder is an easy-to-use application that is simple to learn.



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SpaceEyes3D RF Vision


SpacEyes3D lets users visualize their network (e.g., sites and antennas) and their RF simulation (coverage maps, interference prediction, etc.) in 3D.

It works with outputs from leading RF planning tools that include Mentum Planet, Aircom Asset, Forsk Atoll and more.



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